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How we will support you

LeighFisher Vision

Our approach to talent management

The sky's the limitOur profession is a people-driven business. The success and future of LeighFisher is completely dependent on the type of people we have working for us. It is therefore essential that we not only attract the right people, but also retain those talented individuals that help us deliver and grow our business.

To attract and retain...We therefore take a detailed approach to Talent Management, and ensure that it is embedded into the culture and fabric of our organization. 

It is important that Talent Management at LeighFisher is aligned to the overall business strategies. Therefore, our approach is driven from the top, by our President, and managed by a core team of Talent Management specialists.

For us, Talent Management is about the wider strategies and programs that we have in place to look after our consultants. We work on Talent Management at different levels, from providing the useful support for all staff to working directly with those potential leaders to help them progress their career and develop the necessary skills and experience required to grow our business.

What does it mean for me?

Talent ManagementOur approach to people considers the whole life cycle of a consultant. We will support you throughout your career.

It starts before you even join LeighFisher as we consider the recruitment and selection of talented consultants. We then approach all aspects of your career— from your very first day through to your mentoring program and your deployment within the Company—building your consulting skills, providing feedback on your performance, setting development actions, shaping your career path, developing you as a leader, and ensuring your succession planning so that you can pass on your essential skills and knowledge.


 - Identifying and selecting the right, talented people using our established recruitment process

 - Making sure when you join us you are suitably equipped, trained, prepared, and supported to deliver your best work

 - Providing you with a senior mentor to help you and guide you throughout your career

 - Giving you the framework and opportunity to grow and develop your technical and consulting skills in courses ranging from presentation skills, project management, networking, and client development

 - Ensuring that you are assessed and rewarded in a fair way that allows you to develop your skills and build on your personal strengths to shape your own career path

 - Providing you with the opportunities, training, and mentoring to become one of our next generation of leaders

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