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The LeighFisher Values

 — We are honest. We are forthright while also diplomatic. We honor our commitments.

Integrity in LeighFisher means always doing the right thing, even if unpopular or risky. Our clients value us for our honest and independent advice. We best demonstrate our integrity in its truest form when facing difficulties or challenges. Our success cannot be achieved without first having integrity.

 — We treat colleagues, clients, and all others as we would like to be treated.  We enthusiastically believe that diversity with respectful engagement produces powerful teams and great client service.

Our core respectful behaviors can influence a team quickly and profoundly. Integrity is a key ingredient in respect and allows us to have honest, meaningful conversations that address real issues.

 — We work together because we are stronger together than apart.  We team up different personalities and skill sets to innovate and determine optimal solutions.

True collaboration is what differentiates LeighFisher from our competitors for clients and talent. Without integrity and respect, powerful collaboration cannot be achieved consistently. Through collaboration, we bring the best possible teams and solutions to our clients, leveraging the power of diverse and multidisciplinary teams.

 — We provide best-in-class advice and products. Our work demonstrates deep expertise, critical thinking, innovation, and a passion for providing clients with optimal solutions.

Our culture of excellence leads to a set of disciplines, behaviors, and habits that consistently results in long-term relationships with clients. Our approach is promoted throughout the organization; we take pride in accomplishment and in our products and services that stand the test of time. Excellence can only be achieved with strong commitment and adherence to the other three core values.

If these values meet with your own personal approach to work – we’d like to meet you.

LeighFisher and Jacobs.


Together, as one Jacobs.

Our global network of expertise is yours. We’re challenging what’s accepted and raising the bar in everything we do.

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