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Staying Informed

As thought leaders, we understand the complexities of operating efficiently in an increasingly globalized world and the imperative to innovate.  Browse through this section for a selection of publications and presentations that give our perspective on how organizations can improve performance, leap over operational hurdles, and plan for a sustainable future.

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With more than 7 million small drones forecast to be in operation by 2020, the environment for drones is constantly changing and presents new challenges for airport operators.

This LeighFisher white paper explores why the European power market is in such a state of change, where it is heading, and what some of the resulting investment opportunities and risks are.

The Federal Aviation Administration established the VALE Program as a means to encourage eligible airports to engage in clean technology projects.

Innovative financing strategies will be increasingly important in providing modern, efficient airport facilities while maintaining competitive airline user charges.

LeighFisher recently sponsored the annual Global Airport Development (GAD) conference in Athens, Greece. We prepared a compendium of articles around the general theme of "Facing the Future:  Building a More Resilient Airport Business Model."

In 2013, LeighFisher sponsored the annual Global Airport Development (GAD) conference in Nice, France.  We prepared a compendium of articles around the general theme of “Airport Public-Private Partnerships: Setting the Stage for the Next 25 Years.” 

The airport city has come of age in recent years because of changes in the global economy.

Social media will be increasingly important in enhancing the airport experience, growing airport revenue, and building passenger loyalty in a changing global economy.

LeighFisher has worked with leading airport sponsors in the U.S. to develop GHG and energy reduction programs which have resulted in reduced regulatory risk, emission reductions, and significant cost reductions.


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