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Airport Sustainability: Achieving Success

LeighFisher integrates the principles of sustainability into all of our planning projects. A prime example is the Master Plan Update for Portland International Airport where we employed sustainability as a core objective in developing the recommended plan.


During development of the Master Plan Update, LeighFisher used a highly collaborative approach between the Port of Portland and stakeholders, including the local communities. This approach integrated sustainability as a core focus area, which was facilitated through a Sustainability Subcommittee. The input provided by this specially focused group guided the ways in which sustainability was integrated into the process, including identification of the following:

  • SUSTAINABILITY VISION AND VALUES – mutually understood definitions regarding sustainability objectives
  • SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIC GOALS – measurable milestones to evaluate long-term progress toward achieving the Port’s sustainability goals
  • SUSTAINABILITY EVALUATION CRITERIA – a means of evaluating alternatives to identify those that would be the most sustainable

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