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Compendium: Facing the Future: Building a More Resilient Airport Business Model

LeighFisher recently sponsored the annual Global Airport Development (GAD) conference in Athens, Greece. We prepared a compendium of articles around the general theme of "Facing the Future:  Building a More Resilient Airport Business Model."

Economic uncertainty continues in many markets around the world, even as broad global economic health metrics steadily improve and many equity markets are at, or near, all-time highs. Economies are slowly emerging from recession, but some more slowly than others – and a few appear to be at risk of re-entering or remaining in recession. Additionally, geopolitical uncertainty has risen unexpectedly in recent years, perhaps contributing to the slower-than-expected rate of economic recovery. In an increasingly connected and globalised world, problems – whether economic, geopolitical, or public health-related – often don’t remain geographically isolated.  Given this environment, businesses, especially those in the most globalised industries such as air transport, should assume unexpected challenges will occur with regularity, and therefore invest in making their organisations more resilient.  However, surprise and change isn’t just about risk – it’s also about opportunity. In this context, we think of business resilience as managing risk smartly while remaining open to new external influences. The articles reflect some of our thoughts on how airport managers and investors can address surprises being the new normal and resilience being the new necessary skill. We hope you will find them interesting and informative.


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