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Capacity and Strategic Development Planning at India’s Leading Gateway Airport

Strategic Development Plan Review
Strategic Development Plan Review

Location: New Delhi, India

Since 2006, LeighFisher has been assisting Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the operator of New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, with various planning and capacity focused tasks, including facility and operational planning. As aviation consultants, our initial role focused on reviewing the development of the long-term master plan for the Airport in 2006.

Following on from this, LeighFisher assisted DIAL with the analysis of the North Airfield at the Airport and providing support on the development of various airfield alternatives for the existing airfield.

In 2008, LeighFisher assisted DIAL with the benchmarking of the newly developed Terminal 3 against other major airport terminals across the world including various ”best-in-class” terminals across Asia and Europe.

Most recently, LeighFisher has worked closely with the Executive Management of DIAL in developing a Strategic Development Plan for the Airport.

As part of this assignment, LeighFisher reviewed the major milestones identified in the 2006 Master Plan and developed strategies to identify capacity shortfalls if any, through 2021. In addition, LeighFisher worked closely with DIAL to maximize operational efficiency and optimize investment through 2021.

LeighFisher is currently working on individual capacity maximization strategies for the individual terminals at the Airport.

Key Highlights: 
  • Focusing on key elements of capacity (airside, terminal, and landside) through 2021-22 at New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport with a view to maximizing operational efficiency and throughput.
Services Include: 
Comprehensive Multi-scenario Airline Traffic Forecasting
Capacity Analysis
Busy-hour Schedule Development
Alternatives Analysis
Land Use Planning
Airside, Terminal, and Landside Analysis
Asset Maximization
Airport Master Planning and Capacity Planning

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