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Development of High-Speed Rail Systems

High-Speed Railways require modern aerodynamic rolling stock like the Dutch V250 High-Speed Train
High-Speed Railways require modern aerodynamic rolling stock like the Dutch V250 High-Speed Train

Locations: UK, Netherlands, Portugal

LeighFisher has been supporting the development of high-speed rail programmes in the Netherlands, Portugal, and the UK since the 1990s.

In the Netherlands, we formed part of the advisory team for the Dutch High-Speed Line HSL-Zuid, and were initially responsible for developing financial and operational models, as well as supporting the market consultation process, including a rail technology appraisal. Rail financial and economic business case development is crucial in managing the procurement process, which we did from pre-qualification through to financial close and on to implementation. We also determined system performance and technical and operating specifications, and developed a performance regime. As the project reached implementation, we supported NS HiSpeed in the commercial introduction of their newly ordered High-Speed V250 rolling stock. We provided project management and project delivery support to assist in the introduction of commercial services.

In Portugal, we supported the Portuguese High-Speed Infrastructure Company (RAVE), to develop key parts of the Public-Private Partnership contracts for a proposed new line for a high-speed service from Lisbon to Madrid. We developed an availability model and operational requirements for part of the tender specification.

In the UK, we carried out the traffic forecasts for the London Continental Railway. Subsequently, we reviewed the organizational structure of Eurostar and updated traffic forecasts. We have also undertaken various assignments associated with High Speed 1 (HS1) – the high-speed line linking London to the Channel Tunnel. As technical advisor to a prospective buyer, we performed an assessment of potential revenues and revenue generation, reviewed operating and maintenance costs, carried out an environmental assessment, and reviewed the regulatory regime. For Network Rail, we performed a risk assessment of a new maintenance contract regime resulting from the sale of the HS1. For HS1, we completed market assessment and benchmarking studies.

Key Highlights: 
  • We saw the Dutch High-Speed line develop from a concept into an operating system
  • We developed some elegant availability models and performance regimes for high-speed lines
  • We were involved with the UK’s only high-speed rail system as it has grown over the years
Services Include: 
Demand and Revenue Forecasting
Financial and Economic Business Case Development
Business Planning and Market Analyses
Technology Appraisal
Procurement Strategy
Tender Management
Rail Operations and Costings
Performance Payment Regimes
Performance and Crowding Modelling
Compliance Assessment
Introduction of New Rolling Stock
New Technologies and Innovation
Project Management
Risk and Interface Management
Train Service and Operational Resource Planning

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