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Making the Case for Investment in Airport Facilities

Making the Case for Investment in Airport Facilities at Memphis International Airport
Making the Case for Investment in Airport Facilities at Memphis International Airport

Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

LeighFisher prepared the feasibility report in support of Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority's sale of the 2010A Bonds, analyzing:

  1. Future airline traffic demand at the Airport, giving consideration to the demographic and economic characteristics of the region served, connecting airline service, and other key factors that will affect future traffic,
  2. Historical relationships among revenues, expenses, and airline traffic at the Airport and other factors that may affect future revenues and expenses,
  3. Budgets for the Airport, projected staffing requirements, the facilities to be provided as part of the capital improvement program, and other operational considerations affecting revenues and expenses, and
  4. Policies and contractual agreements relating to the use and occupancy of Airport facilities, including the calculation of airline rentals and fees under the airline agreement, the operation of concession privileges, and the leasing of buildings and grounds.
Key Highlights: 
  • A multidisciplinary team of aviation consultants analyzed future demand levels, projected airport operating budgets, and policies and contractual agreements as part of the feasibility report.
Services Include: 
Financial Feasibility Studies
Rates and Charges Analysis
Demand Forecasting
Economic Analysis
Regulatory and Rate Matters

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