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Business Advisory

Business Advisory
Services Include: 
Financial Planning
Financial Feasibility Studies
Rates and Charges Analysis
Commercial Development
Demand Forecasting
Economic Analysis
Tenant Negotiations
Due Diligence
Aviation Transaction Advice
Regulatory and Rate Matters
Lenders' Technical Advisory

The need for high quality transportation, energy, and other infrastructure has never been greater as world markets become increasingly integrated. This global integration highlights the need for a well-planned aviation strategy to improve operational efficiency. Efficient infrastructure management requires a comprehensive understanding of operating and capital requirements, not only in the context of specific facilities, but also in the context of their contribution to regional and global trade networks. Our aviation consulting expertise and integrated business advisory and facility planning approach enable us to offer the best solutions for clients.

Facility and Operational Planning

Facility and Operational Planning
Services Include: 
Airfield and Airspace Planning
Terminal Planning
Roadway and Ground Transportation
Rail and Transit
Intermodal Facilities
Freight and Logistics
Airport Master Planning
Security Planning

LeighFisher provides the strategic facility and operational planning services to meet changing needs while delivering flexibility to accommodate market uncertainties. We provide innovative solutions that yield economic, operational, and environmental benefits when implemented. This high-value approach positions our clients for success in an increasingly competitive environment.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability
Services Include: 
Air Quality
Environmental Assessments and Regulatory Compliance
Energy Strategy
Environmental Due Diligence
Risk Assessment

LeighFisher seeks to integrate sustainability into all of its work, whether this is on a project or working with a client to deliver sustainable business objectives across its organization. Our aviation management consulting services help develop a sustainable business that delivers financial growth while balancing the impacts of operating on the environment, community, and economy.

Management and Strategy

Management and Strategy
Services Include: 
Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness
Enterprise Risk Management
Organizational Management

Increasingly, executive management is under pressure to control costs, increase revenues, and optimize operational efficiencies while maintaining a high level of service to their customers and constituents. We assist executive management in achieving these objectives by providing a full scope of management consulting services.

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LeighFisher has been a leader in the aviation consulting sector for over 65 years and continues to set the standard for innovation and thought leadership.  With a focus on delivering solutions that meet the needs of our clients' financial, operational, and environmental goals and objectives, we have built a long-standing reputation as trusted advisors to airport sponsors and other aviation sector clients.