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Government Services

Government Services
Services Include: 
Client Advisory and Secondment Services
Efficiency and Performance Improvement
Cost Discovery and Benchmarking
Policy Development
Procurement Advice
Asset Management
Organization Management
Business Case Development
Commercial Advice
Risk Assessment
Stakeholder Management
Nuclear and Renewable Energy Technologies
Multilateral Agency Advisory Services

Promoting efficiency and value

Government Advisory Services - LeighFisher is one of the leading global management consultancy firms offering a range of services to help governments throughout the world provide public sector services that are efficient and valued by the communities they support. We offer a range of services from strategy development to programme execution, including technical advice and due diligence.

Government Procurement Advice - Alignment of investment and procurement decisions with business objectives is central to our approach. It allows organisations to develop a higher degree of certainty in investment decisions, safeguard programme delivery, enhance performance of the supply chain, and limit dependency of critical business processes on external actions.


Technical Advice and Due Diligence

Technical Advice and Due Diligence
Services Include: 
Technical Due Diligence
Commercial Due Diligence
Environmental Due Diligence
Lenders' Technical Advisor
Risk Consultancy
Payment and Performance Models
Whole Life Costing
Asset Renewal/Lifecycle/Rehabilitation
Construction Monitoring
Operations Monitoring
Insurance Valuations
Strategic Advice
Investment Appraisal
Value Engineering
Economic Analysis
Planning and Scheduling
Negotiation Support
Dispute Resolution
Cost Verification

Helping infrastructure investors manage risk

LeighFisher is at the forefront of supporting privately financed public sector projects throughout the world. Our clients value our in-depth industry expertise, which means that we can identify major operational and performance issues during the technical and commercial due diligence process that others might overlook. 

We offer a wide range of services for investors, both debt and equity, including Lenders’ Technical Advice in relation to project finance, due diligence reviews prior to asset acquisition or disposal, and advice on specific technical matters during project development.  Our consultancy includes management services during the design, construction, and operation phases of projects.

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Infrastructure and Government

LeighFisher is the infrastructure advisor for infrastructure investors seeking to manage their risk, and for government organisations seeking to provide more efficient services that are valued by the communities they serve.

LeighFisher also provides government services for the Aviation and Surface Transport markets.