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Cameron Modjeski


Cameron Modjeski has more than 10 years of experience in long-range airport planning, design, finance, and operations, with a particular emphasis in master and on-call planning.  He has led a variety of airport consulting assignments worldwide, including master, terminal, and airfield plans; airport privatization studies; commercial development strategies; greenfield airport development; Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 150 noise compatibility studies; and environmental impact analyses. 

He has managed on-call planning contracts and master plan projects for several large- and medium-hub airports, most recently for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  Seattle’s “Sustainable Airport Master Plan” will focus on sustainably developing the large-hub airport’s terminal, airside, landside, air cargo, and support facilities to accommodate more than 60 million annual passengers, more than 500,000 annual aircraft operations, and 750,000 metric tons of air cargo on a severely constrained site. Currently, Cameron manages LeighFisher’s on-call planning contracts with the Port of Portland and the Houston Airport System. 

Mr. Modjeski also assisted the Airports Authority of Guayaquil with the development of a master plan and a Program Definition Manual for a greenfield airport. He also had a key role in determining facility requirements and development alternatives for the three airport master plans developed as part of a full suite of “sell side” advisory services associated with the concession of three airports: São Paulo/Guarulhos, Viracopos-Campinas, and Brasília international airports.

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