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David Bradshaw


David Bradshaw has 27 years of experience in UK rail passenger commercial planning and management. Following a management career in British Railways and subsequently the privatized Great Western Trains Company, David has spent the past 11 years in UK rail consultancy. As a consultant, he has focused on advising public and private sector clients in UK rail planning, transaction support, demand forecasting, and business case appraisal.

David has worked for bidders and franchise/ concession authorities and on a large number of passenger rail franchises/ concessions, including passenger demand and revenue forecasting. On several occasions, David has also served as an expert advisor to Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) and Department for Transport (DfT), including lead technical advisor to DfT for the West Midlands Franchise and to various bidders for passenger rail franchises. He is a European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) assessor accredited by the British Quality Foundation, and has deployed these skills in UK rail franchise replacement Accreditation Questionnaire, Bid Plan drafting, and review.

David has led numerous review studies for various train operating companies (TOCs), Strategic Railway Authority (SRA), DfT, and Transport for London around value for money in UK rail franchises, services, and projects. Examples include a review of open access opportunities for an existing operator; providing expert advice to DfT on revenue forecasts for various franchise related negotiations, e.g., Evergreen 3, and the passenger revenue impact on other TOCs; and advising DfT on the passenger income losses incurred by First Great Western as a result of train service and infrastructure changes made by Network Rail at Ladbroke Grove. He has also assessed and evaluated over 150 grant funding applications, including train services and station proposals throughout the UK, and reviewed passenger revenue forecasts.

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